ADM SPEK Quick Review

American Defense Mfg.

 Micro Red Dot The SPEK


Review By:

Hayden Kofoed,

HK Armament Systems

First Impression

Days after their release I purchased two American Defense Mfg. SPEK micro red dots, One QR Absolute Cowitness mount and one QR lower 1/3 mount, My first impression was good they felt lightweight and solid, I liked the battery location and that it uses AAA batteries and claim about 5yr battery life, Also the 2 MOA dot was crisper than I expected.

The Mount & Body


The mount felt solid which is no surprise coming from ADM,

 Mine came with the Aluminum mount which was still very light but they have a Titanium option coming out sometime in the future,

 The SPEK uses the T1 mounting style so other mounts are readily available.

The QR lever functions well and has a very solid lockup once adjusted,

 I decided on the lower 1/3 mount but that’s all personal preference,

 I also mounted mine with the lever facing out to avoid having it snag on my plate carrier or sling which was my only concern about the mount.


The body seems solid as well,

Made from aluminum keeping things lightweight and having the brightness adjustment buttons sealed as well as the batter cap having a seal,

I’ve ran mine in the rain and snow for hours with no issues.


The Dot & Glass


The 2 MOA dot is fairly crisp when adjusted correctly to the current environmental brightness,

On cloudy days and dawn I often run it at the first or second setting which leaves it very crisp but also still easy to pick up with your eye.

 There are 12 settings total 10 daylight settings and 2 NV settings.


The glass also exceeded my expectations it’s very clear in all conditions and settings,

Although in low light on a higher setting you do get a tiny flare in the bottom left section from the emitter it’s hardly noticeable and virtually gone once adjusted to the correct brightness.




Overall with a retail price of $349 and promo price of $262.49 at it’s a decent option to consider within that sub $300 price range,

It compares to similarly price Holosun optics as far as overall quality, but without the shake awake function and has no solar power capabilities.