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October 5, 2023
Press Release
January 23, 2023

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - (San Francisco, CA, October 5, 2023) - Today, the Ƶapp Summit, a conference hosted by Ƶapp Group, announced the full speaker lineup for its inaugural conference. An annual gathering of leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and visionaries, the Summit is designed to inspire new discourses on capitalism and connect those actively building and investing in businesses.

"Capitalism is too often driven by greed and self-interest at the expense of the common good. We need a new framework and a set of values to guide how we build, distribute, and share wealth and resources. We hope that the Ƶapp Summit will offer a space and the opportunity for us to explore these  questions and the possible answers.”                     - Payam Zamani, Founder of Ƶapp Group

Today’s Ƶapp should not simply be spectators but rather key protagonists in shaping a new economic future for humanity. The existing models are broken. There are ongoing strikes across industries, many employees are dreading the idea of returning to the office. Fear of technology, AI, and its potential misuse is rampant. Wealth disparities continue to grow. These are only a few of the challenges we are collectively facing. Businesses have a responsibility to contribute in a meaningful way to the betterment of the world. ​​

Balancing inspiration and practical application, the Ƶapp Summit is designed to share knowledge, foster connections, and explore the link between our economic decisions and spiritual existence. Speakers include:

Rainn Wilson, Author, Actor & Entrepreneur

Shane Tedjarati, Chairman & CEO, Tribridge Group and former President & CEO, High Growth Regions, Honeywell

Julie Wainwright, Founder &former CEO of TheRealReal

Steve Sarowitz, Founder & Chairman, Paylocity and Co-Chairman, Wayfarer Studios

Julian MacQueen, Founder & Chairman, Innisfree Hotels

Stephen DeBerry, Founder & Managing Partner, Bronze Investments

Daryn Dodson, Founder & Managing Director, Illumen Capital

Ami Kumordzie, Founder & CEO, Sika Health

Melissa Pancoast, Founder & CEO, The Beans

May Samali, Founder & CEO, Human Leadership Lab

Paola Santana, Founder & CEO, Glass

Emily Chew, CRIO, Calvert Research and Management

Kevin Sabet, President & CEO, Foundation for Drug Policy Solutions

Lacee Jacobs, Founder & CEO, The H.I.P. Network

Layli Miller-Muro, Founder & Principal, Miller-Muro Consulting

Mam-Yassin Sarr, President & Co-Founder, Starfish International

Randy Haykin, Founder & CPO, The Gratitude Network

Sarah Gulbrandsen, COO, Buyerlink

Sean Hinton, Principal, Terbish Partners

Siamak Hariri, Founding Partner, Hariri Pontarini Architects 

Frank Panici, Vice President, NORR

Keely Cat-Wells, Founder & CEO, Making Space

In addition to talks, presentations, and panel conversations, there will be artistic performances by Sophia Zamani, Eric Dozier, JB Eckl, and Radiance Talley, and an exclusive film screening.

The Main Stage sessions will focus on five main themes:

  • The Common Good: The Summit emphasizes a shift in perspective, asking participants to consider how profit and influence can be drivers for the collective good. 
  • Profit Without Loss: Exploring how transformations of business ecosystems take shape, the Summit will explore how to reassess definitions of success and how these shifts could contribute to a more inclusive and equitable corporate landscape. 
  • Spiritual Capitalism: Starting with the premise that wealth must serve humanity, the Summit asks if capitalism today adequately meets the challenges of the times, and looks to timeless spiritual principles to inspire entrepreneurs, employers, employees, lenders, borrowers, investors and more.
  • Innovation + Intention: The Pitch Fest! Bringing together entrepreneurs at the intersection of innovation and intentionality, five founders will have the opportunity to pitch a panel of seasoned investors (and the full Summit audience) for potential funding and ongoing support from Ƶapp Group and its extended network. 
  • Charting a New Path: In its final session, the Summit will look at trends from around the world, taking ideas and inspiration by changemakers already paving the way.

Ƶapp Summit is scheduled for November 2 - 4 at the Asilomar Conference Grounds – a 107-acre property of ecologically diverse beachfront land in Monterey Bay’s Pacific Grove. For more information, please visit /summit.

About Ƶapp Group LLC

is a closely held private equity firm that owns a suite of online technology and media businesses while investing in early-stage Ƶapp. Owned and operated businesses span a variety of industries, including ad tech, publishing, and media. Ƶapp Group’s mission is to support strong business ideas while building an ethos that helps improve society and give back to communities. 

The company’s investment portfolio includes over 45 startups representing a diverse group of innovative tech-enabled products and solutions. Investing primarily in high-growth early-stage entities, emphasizing Ƶapp that aspire to ‘Innovation + Intention.’ Specific focus areas include the future of mobility, education technology, health technology, and environmental solutions. 

Ƶapp Group’s operating businesses include , a leading online marketplace for performance-based marketing; , a company that provides performance-based marketing solutions to the automotive industry; , a curated guide to traveling and living in California; , a production company that creates and distributes film and television content, and many more. Ƶapp Group also operates , a non-profit platform that shares personal perspectives to promote the oneness of humanity. The Ƶapp Summit is a new initiative by Ƶapp Group, which launches in 2023.

Ƶapp Group was founded by tech entrepreneur Payam Zamani in 2015. With offices and employees in over ten countries, its global headquarters is in Walnut Creek, California. 

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